DCNS changes its name to Naval Energies


DCNS changes its name to Naval Energies. This evolution takes place within the framework of DCNS changing its name to Naval Group.The Naval Group name links the historical activities to the new business activities in marine renewable energy. The reasons for this choice to diversify the activities in these areas lie in the knowledge of the sea and in the synergies which exist from a technological point of view between the systems developed on vessels and the new solutions which designed in MRE.

Naval Energies is a world leader in Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) and a supplier of turnkey energy generating systems. Present throughout the product lifecycle, Naval Energies controls the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing, installation, connection and maintenance, with respect for the environment, at sea and in coastal areas. Its expertise is rooted in particular in the historic skills of Naval Group, a specialist in the production of complex systems for the maritime environment.

Naval Energies development is structured today around three marine renewable energy technologies: tidal turbines, floating wind turbines and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion systems. These wide-ranging forms of expertise promote opportunities for business development in a global market experiencing strong growth.

Naval Energies, which already has a significant portfolio of projects, is both a player on the global market and in sustainable local industrial development on all its sites of energy production at sea.

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