Tidal-current energy

Tidal turbines, a sector with promise

Harnessing the strength and speed of marine currents, which are perpetual and predictable, the tidal turbine generates decarbonised and regular energy.
Through its subsidiary OpenHydro, Naval Energies is developing tidal turbines with rotors that are 16 metres in diameter with a nominal power of 2 MW each, mounted on gravity foundations installed directly on the seabed.

As a system-engineering leader and supplier of plug-and-play systems, we manage projects right from the demonstration phase and prepare the ramping up of the power output of pilot farms. Once the technology and economic model have been validated, we prepare the deployment of commercial farms.


Naval Energies, a pioneer for the industrialisation of tidal turbines

We are developing an international portfolio of projects and demonstration prototypes at different stages of development in geographical areas benefitting from very strong tidal currents, such as Canada and Japan. In France, we are actively pursuing the development of the Normandie Hydro pilot farm in Raz Blanchard.

To support its ramping up and satisfy international demand, Naval Energies has built its own tidal-turbine assembly plant, which is the first of its kind in the world. Strategically located in Cherbourg, in 2018 it will start the assembly of a system intended for Japan, then a second for Canada. In 2019, it will start the production of the 7 systems for the Normandy farm, whose installation on the seabed is foreseen for the start of 2020. A tangible sign of Naval Energies’ commitment to tidal turbines, its industrial capacity is scaled to take on an annual production of 25 turbines in the medium term, representing a gross power output of 50 MW per year.

The advantages of our technology

Our turbines offer numerous advantages:

  • Simplicity : our system’s rotor is actuated by the tidal current and a thin film of seawater separating the rotor from the fixed stator located at the exterior. No lubricant or seals are necessary, representing a key advantage for our turbine.
  • A patented method for the deployment on the operating site that does not require any civil-engineering work: thanks to a dedicated barge, specifically developed by OpenHydro, the turbine is deployed and recovered with high precision in just 60 minutes. The preparatory work and maintenance operations are performed in a safe harbour environment.


  • Specific converter: the Turbine Control Centre developed by OpenHydro ensures the electrical connection of the turbine to the network and its remote monitoring. Its optimised architecture allows a simplified landing-point thanks to its single underwater cable, thus consolidating the economic and industrial model of the future tidal-turbine farms.


Market perspectives

On a market that offers considerable technically-exploitable potential — 100 GW — Naval Energies is scaled to address the challenges of the most innovative projects, thanks to its global presence, its unique know-how and its capacity to establish industrial and commercial partnerships.

We are investing in the regions that are most suited to the development of this technology, such as Northern Europe, Indonesia, Japan and the North Atlantic coast, as well as the United Kingdom – which has the largest technically-exploitable potential in Europe (about 9 GW) –  and in France (3 to 5 GW).