Responsible commitment

Corporate social responsibility

All over the world, the Naval Energies teams in the field embody the spirit that led us, together with our majority shareholder, to join the UN Global Compact in 2014, through which we undertook to comply with its 10 principles.

Naval Energies, a fair-minded company

The Gender Equality Index, which came into force a year ago for companies with more than 1,000 employees and this year for those with more than 50 employees, is a thermometer of professional equality between women and men. This index enables each structure to ensure that gender equality is respected.

For the first year in which the index was calculated, Naval Energies obtained a score of 95/100!

On the strength of this result, which demonstrates good management of equality between women and men in the company, we will continue to be vigilant on the subject. See you next year for the 2020 score!

Our vision: dialogue, transparency, sharing

Listening to and respecting the stakeholders is at the heart of all our projects.

Throughout the chain, from the consultation, the definition of the safety systems and securing of the necessary authorisations, through to the design and deployment of a project, we are attentive to all the concerned actors and we are committed to our clients and partners to facilitate the communication of information on the project’s state of progress.

The stakeholders are thus key actors for success: they contribute to the acceptability of the project and improve its level of environmental suitability.

Naval Energies is fully aware of these challenges and has defined, on the basis of the “Guidelines for a constructive dialogue with the stakeholders” issued by Comité 21*, a guide that supports the representatives of local authorities and associations in their initiatives.

* Network of actors that aims to promote the sustainable development of enterprises in France and in the regions

Our approach: the virtuous consultation

For the location of a tidal-turbine farm, for example, Naval Energies places collective construction at the heart of each step of the project:

  • We open consultations to all representatives of civil society to evaluate the environmental impact of the installation and to perform local environmental study projects — bird life, marine biology.
  • We consult local residents, professional fishermen and recreational boaters right from the consultation phase to define the position of the underwater sensors that will measure farm performance.
  • Our representatives intervene on site to take better account of the environmental and tourism concerns of local elected officials right from the preliminary consultation phase, as illustrated by the procedure followed for the landing-point project for the power cable in the Bay of Écalgrain.

The suppliers, the cornerstone of responsible efficiency

For all its projects, Naval Energies builds strong and durable relations with its partners, suppliers and subcontractors, respectful of the interests of each party and the CSR guidelines that are the basis for our actions in terms of governance, environmental responsibility, human rights and labour relations.

Our purchasing policy is the embodiment of this vision and defines all relations with our partners and suppliers, who commit to unfailingly comply with the CSR principles in a spirit of responsible and mutually-beneficial sharing, to jointly build sustainable success.