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Creating value through growth, reputation, synergies between the various stakeholders and responsiveness to market changes: these are the missions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Naval Energies.

Executive Committee

Comprising 8 members, including the CEO, the Executive Committee defines and manages the deployment of Naval Energies’ strategy. It ensures that the level of execution is maintained in line with our ambition and values


Environnemental concern

Collective strength

  • Jean Yves BATTESTI
    Chief Executive Officer / Projects Department
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    The Human Resources department supports the company in its projects by anticipating the human and social impacts resulting from the deployment of the company’s strategy.

    In a context of rapid organisational change, the Human Resources department helps to define and implement the HR policy in its business, social and legal dimensions.

    Advocate of Naval Energies’ strategic vision, the HR department is involved in such issues as change management, coordination of processes and tools, and development of business lines and skills.

    • Lénaïc SEGALEN
      Human Ressources Department
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      The Operations Department manages all missions for implementing the programs and activities. It provides its support to the Business Development and Sales department to win contracts, and to the Projects department, which is responsible for contract performance.

      • Pascal ARTAZ
        Operations Department
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        The Finance Department is responsible for the Group’s economic management, good financial governance and providing the financial resources necessary for the functioning of the Group.

        The IT department, included in the Finance and General Administration, is responsible for providing IT systems that meet the company’s needs and constraints.

        • Hersilie LEPINE
          Finance Department
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          In the context and economic market of marine renewable energies, the mission of the Communications department is to steer and implement Naval Energies’ strategy and communication actions.

          • Virginie LEMIERE
            Communication Department
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            The QHSE department is responsible for:

            • disseminating and adopting the safety and environment culture,
            • quality in the design and implementation of Naval Energies products and projects to ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction,
            • the implementation of the Naval Energies Business Management System and internal control, to ensure that Naval Energies has effective processes that are adapted to the company’s risks, objectives and stakes, known and applied by all, and regularly measured and checked to detect improvement drivers and correct malfunctions.


            The Projects department is responsible for executing projects in accordance with customer specifications, on time and on budget, while complying with Naval Energies’ quality and safety rules.

            In this respect, the project manager oversees the project by organising, coordinating and leading the project team in line with the customer’s requirements and the profitability objectives set.

            • Jean Yves BATTESTI
              Chief Executive Officer / Projects Department
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              LEGAL DEPARTMENT

              The Legal department is tasked with ensuring the legal certainty (excluding social law and tax law) of the commitments made by the company, and defending its interests by ensuring the quality of these commitments and their consistency with general management’s guidelines.

              • Nathalie PAOLI
                Legal Department
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                In the context and economic market of marine renewable energies, the Business Development and Sales department’s mission is to canvass, identify promising markets and potential customers, and conduct contractual discussions with them with a view to selling products and services.

                The department is in charge of partnerships and lobbying public authorities, and is responsible for promoting marine energies and Naval Energies externally.

                The department also oversees the preparation of public aid files.

                • Julien MARCHAL
                  Business Development & Sales Department
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                  Board of Directors

                  The Board of Directors deliberates on the major strategic, economic, financial or technological orientations of Naval Energies’ activity. It upholds the interests of stakeholders: customers and end users, employees, shareholders, suppliers and local ecosystems.