The company can count on the enthusiasm and commitment of its teams to develop innovative and environmentally-friendly systems for producing renewable and decarbonised electricity from two different sources of marine energy – offshore winds and deep-sea water.

Since February 5, a process aiming in particular at finding a buyer for the activities of Naval Energies has been initiated by Naval Group, the sole shareholder of Naval Energies since December 2020. If you wish to apply, please write to us via the contact page.

Naval Energies, strategic player in floating wind turbine projects.

As a strategic player in the sphere of floating wind turbine projects in France and around the world, Naval Energies specialises in semi-submersible floating solutions. The company also offers solutions for harnessing the potential of deep-sea water using a central ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system.

From site studies to the construction of systems, from in-zone deployment to underwater connections bringing power back to land, Naval Energies is positioned over the entire product lifecycle: design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, both at sea and in coastal areas.

To carry out its activities with maximum control in terms of economic and social performance, and to ensure its sustainable development and that of the marine renewable energy sector, Naval Energies has developed an integrated management system that is certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO14001.

In October 2020, the company also obtained dual certification by the DNV-GL classification society for its floating unit design basis for the Groix & Belle-Île floating wind farm project on the one hand, and for its calculation and design methods applicable to Naval Energies floaters on the other. 

Naval Energies floating units as well as its Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion system (OTEC) have been certified by the Solar Impulse foundation after a strict evaluation process for the three criteria that determine the label’s procurement:

  • the solution’s technological feasibility,
  • its environmental and socio-economic benefits, and
  • its profitability.

In its conclusions concerning floating units, the panel of independent experts stressed that “the Naval Energies solution is based on a patented, disruptive technology. It can accommodate all types of turbines. Stabilised via its anchoring system, the system can be installed in deep water. The solution is robust, highly technical, well defined and applicable.”

Concerning OTEC, the experts said : “The use of a natural and practically unlimited source of cold allows to reduce the cost of electricity production over a long period of time. Adding other uses of seawater such as fresh water and air conditioning further enhances the financial benefits.”

These certifications place the Naval Energies solutions among the #1000 Solar Impulse-certified solutions, recognised as profitable and sustainable for their positive impact combining environmental protection and financial viability.

Founded in 2017, Naval Energies’ expertise in marine construction is in its genes, having inherited 400 years of maritime experience from Naval Group, its shareholder.

Naval Energies bases its leadership on strong values:

  • The environment: the future of the earth will necessarily depend on the sea;
  • Collective strength: our energy is propagated and together we are committed;
  • Audacity: innovating at sea, herein lies our expertise.