As a strategic player in the sphere of floating wind turbine projects in France and around the world, Naval Energies specialises in semi-submersible floaters. The company also offers solutions for harnessing the potential of deep-sea water using a central ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system.

A unique range of expertise

Whether for site studies, systems construction, in-zone deployment, or underwater connections bringing power back to land, Naval Energies is positioned over the entire product lifecycle: design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, both at sea and in coastal areas.

Global player, local driver

Thanks to its international reach and its strong involvement in the local economic fabric, Naval Energies contributes to the vitality of the economic and industrial forces in the marine energy installation areas and production sites.

A pioneer in marine renewable energies (MRE)

Our history is built around strong convictions and solid expertise in the field of marine energy.

Initiated in 2008 thanks to the historical know-how of Naval Group, a leader in naval defence whose complex systems for the marine environment are recognised worldwide, our adventure benefited from high value-added technological and industrial synergies from the very beginning.
Having become an independent subsidiary dedicated to MRE in 2016, Naval Energies is now scaled for its ambitions. Thanks to our regional presence – sites, joint ventures, representative offices, we operate in numerous countries, always close to our customers and with a customised organisation adapted to each project.