Ocean thermal energy conversion: harnessing the potential of deep sea water

Naval Energies is a leading player in ocean thermal energy conversion, produced by harnessing the difference in temperature between surface water and water at depth.

To optimise the profitability of ocean thermal energy conversion plants, Naval Energies offers to optimise the pumping of cold seawater by making it useful for other purposes; this is the goal of future ocean thermal energy conversion plants.

  • Principle of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
    These plants tap into the potential of seawater for multiple uses.
  • The advantages of our technology
    Naval Energies has anticipated the challenges of tomorrow's OTEC systems thanks to its considerable technological advance and the multidisciplinary expertise of its teams.
  • Market outlook
    Nearly thirty countries worldwide are likely to benefit from ocean thermal energy or deep sea water conversion plants by virtue of their latitudes, the favourable position of their sites and the energy mix strategy adopted locally.