Floating wind turbines: offshore wind energy

Floating wind turbines harness strong and regular offshore winds as an energy source. 

This solution is based on a floating structure connected to the seabed via an anchoring system that controls its movements.

This innovative technology overcomes the constraints related to deep-water installations thus allowing the production of energy at greater distances from the coast with a reduced visual impact.
Floaters for offshore wind turbines are the fundamental technological element for the development of floating wind turbines in France and worldwide.

  • The advantages of our innovative technology
    Thanks to the advanced technical know-how of our teams, we are involved in a wide range of studies, services and developments suited to the specificities of the project, its location and its technical constraints.
  • Our floater for offshore wind turbines certified and recognised
    The Design Basis of Naval Energies’ floaters, applicable to the Groix & Belle-Ile wind farm, and calculation and design methods applicable to its floaters in general are certified by DNV GL
  • Partner of the Groix & Belle-Ile offshore floating wind farm project
    Naval Energies is a partner of the Groix & Belle-Île floating wind turbine pilot farm project. The farm is located some 14 km off the coast of Groix, 19 km off the coast of Belle-Île and lies 22 km from the coast closest to mainland France.
  • A reference player
    Alongside the work under way to deploy the floating wind turbine farms of Groix & Belle-Île, Naval Energies is preparing to respond to the future calls for tender planned as part of the recently published Multiannual Energy Programming (PPE).
  • Market
    According to the International Energy Agency, the global offshore wind market has an annual production potential of more than 420,000 TWh.